Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I'm Tech Savvy, Y'all!

I have officially created a Technorati Profile !

Thursday, January 25, 2007


Contrary to its name, Entertainment Law is anything but entertaining.

Only an hour and seven minutes to go...

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Disorder in the Court!

Well, y'all, I have some news... I got a job! A real, honest-to-goodness, nine-to-five, no naps in the middle of the day, JOB!

Today I accepted a one-year clerkship with Judge R. in a relatively decent-sized city down by the coast. I had actually previously received another offer from a judicial circuit in the northwest corner of the state, but they insisted that I start on June 1 and had to know by today.

Because I have balls the size of cantaloupes, I contacted Judge R. to see if he'd made any decisions because I was on a tight deadline and wanted to be able to consider his circuit, if possible. I guess my chutzpah paid off, as he e-mailed me back and offered me the position. It starts in August and is only a couple hours from the beach and from two of my friends who will be living down on the coast.

Aside from the crappy pay, everything else is pretty sweet. The hours and benefits are great, the location is nice and the experience will lead to excellent job opportunities afterwards, no matter what I decide to do.

I am not sure that the reality has hit me quite yet. I despise wearing a suit, but will probably have to wear one every day. I will not, however, let the man keep me from kicking off my heels under the desk. I am not quite sure it has sunk in that I'll be working and not continuing to postpone the real world for as long as possible. Being a part of the working populace is something that totally eludes my realm of thinking.

In any case, it is a new adventure. The Terrorists have packed their toys, but I told them it was a bit premature. First, they have to suffer through a whole summer of putting up with me while I study for the bar (which I plan to do by the pool, for what it's worth). If they can survive that, they can survive anything.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Schedule (Mal)adjustment

I decided about five minutes into Administrative Law that it just had to go. The professor seems nice enough. But the thought of sitting through that class three times a week for a semester makes Secured Transactions seem fun in retrospect.

Today I embarked on my mad whirlwind tour of law school classes in a frantic attempt to find a replacement that would deliver me from the boredom of executive agencies and internal review procedures.

My first experimental class was Entertainment Law. Pros: Only two credits; meets once a week; interesting and potentially useful and applicable subject matter. Cons: Brand new edition of the textbook (read: sell your firstborn child to purchase it); adjunct professor who got some not great reviews.

As an interesting aside, the professor is something like six or seven months pregnant. She assured us that she wasn't going to let the baby come until after the class is over. Hon, I know you're a lawyer, but you just can't control everything.

My alternative experimental class was Real Estate Transactions. Pros: Nice, laid back professor; interesting and very practical subject matter; good textbook. Cons: Meets twice a week for 75 minutes (an eternity for my ferret-like 3L attention span); rumor has it that the class is largely self-taught; exam is closed-book.

The fact that I sprinted to the door after real estate was over like I was trying to escape a masked gunman was obviously not a good sign. So, after some vascillating and hemming and hawwing, I eventually dropped Administrative Law like the bad habit it is and picked up Entertainment Law. Hopefully this well-thought out (perhaps even over-thought out) decision won't come back to bite me in the ass later.

And as one semester begins, last semester is still nagging us like Long Island housewife. The grade submission deadline for professors is not until tomorrow, but I'd be too naive to think that all of my grades will actually be posted by then. There are enough old codgers with tenure teaching here who can disregard guidelines and deadlines with impunity and who are not afraid of being chased through the halls by a little man in a bow tie.

Not like grades matter that much at this point, anyways. Not unless I actually want to get a job or something. Psh.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Back In Business

I took a rather long hiatus from blogging during Christmas break and gave myself the opportunity to do things I rarely get to do, i.e., read non-law books, spend time with my family and friends, sleep in, watch ridiculous amounts of college football, and learn to sew useful and nifty things.

And so it begins again. I'm sitting in my first class on the first day of my very last semester of law school. Thirty minutes into this class, I am already debating dropping it like a bad habit. I suppose that during registration last semester, nothing seemed as bad as Secured Transactions, and thus Administrative Law seemed like a good prospect. So far, I appear to be dead wrong on that one.

Already I have fallen back into my routine of directing about 12% of my attention to the professor and 88% of my attention to other pursuits, namely instant messaging, blogging and responding to e-mails piled up in my inbox.

I should enjoy it while it lasts. After all, graduation will be here before I know it. After the poofy hat and cape are gone, I'm faced with bar prep and then (*gasp!*) the real world, for which I am dreadfully unprepared. I guess in comparison, Administrative Law seems like a veritable picnic.