Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Back In Business

I took a rather long hiatus from blogging during Christmas break and gave myself the opportunity to do things I rarely get to do, i.e., read non-law books, spend time with my family and friends, sleep in, watch ridiculous amounts of college football, and learn to sew useful and nifty things.

And so it begins again. I'm sitting in my first class on the first day of my very last semester of law school. Thirty minutes into this class, I am already debating dropping it like a bad habit. I suppose that during registration last semester, nothing seemed as bad as Secured Transactions, and thus Administrative Law seemed like a good prospect. So far, I appear to be dead wrong on that one.

Already I have fallen back into my routine of directing about 12% of my attention to the professor and 88% of my attention to other pursuits, namely instant messaging, blogging and responding to e-mails piled up in my inbox.

I should enjoy it while it lasts. After all, graduation will be here before I know it. After the poofy hat and cape are gone, I'm faced with bar prep and then (*gasp!*) the real world, for which I am dreadfully unprepared. I guess in comparison, Administrative Law seems like a veritable picnic.


angela said...

Good luck with getting back to the grind...

angela said...

Welcome back. :}