Tuesday, March 07, 2006

All My Exes Live in Texas.

I am not so great at this blog thing yet. It seems like so much effort to sit down and focus in order to write something witty and inspiring on a daily basis. Hopefully I'll get better with this.

Anyway, I found out some troubling news just now. Through my super-awesome-yet-borderline-disturbing Internet sleuthing skills, I discovered that my ex (Teeny) and his mannish, Sopranos-extra fiancee might be moving to Texas in the very near future. What makes this troubling is that UT-Austin is on the Beef's short list of graduate schools, and so there is a very real possibility that I might have to don a ten-gallon hat and a six-shooter when I go to court.

I know that Texas is a big state (too big, almost), but the thought of being in the same state with Teeny is just unsettling. We have not been in the same state for 5 years or so, and the fact that our debacle of a relationship ended disastrously clearly doesn't make me anxious to jump back into mutual statehood with the ex, regardless of how big or small that particular state may be. Really, the only thing worse than having to live in Texas would be having to live in Texas while my ex lives there too.

Although, it would be far worse if the state in question was Rhode Island. At least Rhode Island has the whole fresh seafood thing going for it, not to mention a conspicuous lack of ten-gallon hats and six-shooters.