Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Mmmmm.... Shiiiiiny.

The stress of finals and my run of bad luck has been getting to me. So, no better way to beat the end-of-semester blues than to engage in a little retail therapy.

There is no way I am going to pay $85 for a set of speaker mounts, so I just have to wait to set it all up until I can get to Lowe's and spend $5 on the stuff to make my own. Here's hoping my grandfather passed on at least an iota of his handiness.

I found this neat little dog cabana at Target, so I picked one up for the Terrorists. T. Max. is skeptical; he thinks it's just an oversized frisbee.

Au contraire, T. Max. Behold: El Cabana de los Terroristos. T. Min. is checking out the new digs, while simultaneously imagining that it's actually set up on the beach somewhere. It's okay to dream, T. Min.

That's about all for now. Funny how depleting my bank account is just soooo theraputic. Now I really have to finish my Evidence outline.


Marilyn said...

Ah....retail therapy. Works every time! Now, if you can just get the surround sound working and the cabanna re-minimized! Thank goodness for the love of a couple of fabulous Terrorists!

Law School Transplant said...

Yes, the Terrorists definitely keep me sane and are amazingly understanding during finals.

I think PotPie would love a little cabana! They have small ones, and you can even buckle them into your car!!