Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Bar None

Yesterday the Director of Student Affairs arranged for the Director of a Very Important Group That Lets Me Into the Bar but Not Without a Lot of Hassle to pay a visit to the law school and very clearly and concisely explain how the character and fitness portion of the bar application involves an airing of all our dirty laundry and a raping of our personal histories, but only after we pay an exorbitant sum of money for this privilege, of course.

I am quite glad they had this meeting. Otherwise I wouldn't be aware of the fact that I have to order 2 fingerprint cards from the Bar (why an index card won't do, I don't know), order a copy of my driving record from the DMV, order a copy of my credit report, tally up all of my outstanding student loans (and try to refrain from crying in the process), contact five references to let them know the Bar will be badgering them for information (and bribe them to keep quiet), and try to remember every place I have ever lived and every employer I have ever worked for. Oh, and I have to write a big, fat check go to the bank to get a big, fat money order to send along with it. After I get the whole thing notarized, of course.

Because I have nothing better to do between now and December 6th. The very thought of having to do all this makes me want to a) drink heavily, b) cry and c) reconsider my choice of profession.

And I don't really have a whole lot to hide. I'm just glad I've never been married, divorced, arrested, bankrupt, caught having sex with an animal, found drunk in a ditch, institutionalized, fired from a job or deported. Thank God for small favors, right?


Catherine said...

Whoa, you have a blog? How fun! I love it that you're doing the Jingle Jog, I'd run with you but I'll be in Texas in December. Maybe we can do another one in the spring?

Law School Transplant said...

Certainly! There are tons of 5Ks all the time. I try to browse Active.com on a fairly regular basis.

Butterflyfish said...

Married -- yep,
Divorced -- nope,
arrested -- I am a girl of no convictions...
bankrupt -- not yet,
caught having sex with an animal -- caught? no,
found drunk in a ditch -- found? no,
institutionalized -- not that I remember,
fired from a job -- no-ish
or deported -- que?

Hooray! I can still be a lawyer. Found this through the underground. Great post.