Thursday, December 14, 2006

Falling Off the Turnip Truck

Well, yesterday was my last final. Which means I'm officially 83.3% done with law school and can relax for a couple of weeks before heading into the home stretch.

After my brain was thoroughly and completely raped for three straight hours yesterday morning, I headed wearily back to my car in the parking deck. For some reason, the book buy-back people had a booth set up. Since I didn't want to lug my now-useless Natural Resources textbook an entire flight of stairs up to my car, I thought I'd see if it was worth it to sell it.

Me: Hi. I just want to see what your buy-back price is for this. I am not making a definite offer to sell it to you, I just want to see what you think it's worth.

[I didn't want to have this kid screaming promissory estoppel at me when I refused to relinquish the book for pennies.]

Textbook Buy-back Asshole: That one is eleven dollars.
Me: Eleven dollars?? Are you serious? It cost a hundred and eleven dollars brand new.
TBA: Yes. Eleven dollars.
Me: I was born at night, but I wasn't born last night.
TBA: It's eleven dollars. Do you want to sell it?
Me, indignant: No! I'd rather carry it the rest of the way to my car than sell my dignity for eleven freakin' dollars!

Jebus. They must think people are really desperate to get rid of their books, because I know I can sell it on Amazon for at least fifty, if not more.

Good job, textbook assholes. Just one more way to fuck students in the ass and somehow have them thank you for it.

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angela said...

I went through this all the time in undergrad, so I've decided that I'm not even going to attempt to sell back my law books. I'm going to just save them all and use them to fill the bookshelves in my library/office at some point later in life.

Oh, and YAY for being done with finals! :)