Sunday, November 12, 2006

I Halfway Retract My Previous Statements

So yesterday, my heretofore shitty, unranked football team upset the number 5 team in the nation in a rivalry game everyone expected us to lose. Our highly-touted but slightly disappointing freshman QB came out of the woodwork and threw no interceptions (compared to 8 in the previous 3 games) and completed 14 of 20 passes.

My only question is, Where the hell have y'all been all season?

In some ways it makes me more angry about our dismal season. It would be one thing to say that the team didn't have the talent, which places a natural ceiling on our ability to win. But they clearly have the talent; they showed that yesterday. Which means that in the ridiculous losses we've suffered, they have lacked the dedication, drive and focus necessary to bring home the win. And that is what disappoints me most.

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