Thursday, February 22, 2007

Carpe Beerum.

True to the predictions of our groundhogs, it looks like we're getting an early spring, as evidenced by today's sunny, warm weather.

Before my very pregnant Entertainment Law professor arrived in class, I gave serious thought to ditching and enjoying the weather for a couple of hours. Not like I had anything specific in mind planned, other than avoiding the indoors until Copyright.

Just then, Prof. Entertainment-and-a-half walked in. She noticed that most of the class was strategically placed in the back of the classroom.

Prof. Entertainment: Why are y'all hiding in the back? Are you really going to make me lecture from the middle of the room?


Prof. Entertainment: Most of you guys are 3L's, right?

[We all nod.]

Prof. Entertainment: What on earth are you doing here on such a gorgeous day? This is the type of day when I was in college -- and even in law school -- we would be drinking already. You have to take advantage of that stuff - once you start working, you can't go drink beer at the bar at 1 o'clock without people thinking you're an alcoholic.

[I close my computer and half stand up, about to make my exit.]

Prof. Entertainment: But now that you're here, you can't leave. I mean, I didn't just walk to campus; I drove an hour and a half in!

Damn. I need to learn to seize a perfectly good opportunity before it passes me by. Next week, if the weather is nice, I'll take Prof. Entertainment-and-a-half by her word and carpe diem beerum.


Naked Drinking Coffee said...

What she doesn't realize is that if you don't care that you're an alcoholic then you can continue going to bars at one in the afternoon without giving a shit about what other people think...

And while carpe beerum sounds good, I suggest carpe Bourbonum; it's much better.

Justice Moustache said...

That's sensational.